“Blessed Be the Bound” by Lucy Taylor

Lucy Taylor’s “Blessed Be the Bound” appeared in the January 2015 issue of Nightmare magazine, and was originally published in NOCTULPA in 1991. You can read it here.

WHAT SCARED ME: Out of all the gruesome possibilities offered by horror fiction, the “forced surgery” subgenre of body horror may hit me the hardest. I’m not sure why! I do know that occupying a body feels gross enough, and that having it painfully altered without your consent until you’re something shambling and alien is one of the worst fates I can imagine. It’s why I still haven’t seen Tusk or any of The Human Centipede films—even though their premises are absurd, dwelling on their details is unsettling for me.

Lucy Taylor lends terrifying specificity and gravity to this fear of mine with “Blessed Be the Bound,” and she does it in 2,000 words.

The reality of it still stalls my mind: two bodies of the same or opposite sex, snipped and sliced and stitched together in a gruesome flesh-garment of jigsawed limbs, split bones, and sutured skin, afflicted with the vacant gaze and shuffling, stumbling gait peculiar to their maimed condition. Worst of all, the monstrous final hours of the partner who outlasts its mate, since Binding is forever, even when the so-called “living” one is fused to a decaying, putrid corpse.

Binding is a punishment reserved for this world’s worst criminals and sexual deviants. The narrator, who has been sentenced to undergo the procedure after committing incest with her brother, fears both the physical deformity and the utter lack of solitude that Binding promises. However, she has a secret plan that could grant her freedom (of a sort).

Taylor doesn’t pull any punches in this story—sex, drugs, and mutilation mingle into a perverse celebration of all things fleshy. The Bound themselves are viewed by some as purified, holy beings, and by others as the ultimate carnal conquest. I won’t give anything else away here, except that I read “Blessed Be the Bound” over a year ago and I haven’t been able to shake it since.

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